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er tech in-person interview

  1. 0 I had a phone interview last week for an ER tech position, full-time, night shift. I received a call back this morning saying the manager wants to meet me and discuss my qualifications and the job more in detail YAY!!

    Does anyone know how these in-person interviews are supposed to work? What kind of questions can I expect? Any scenario based questions?-I don't have any experience as an EMT; just lifeguarding. Any good questions I should ask at the end of the interview?

    Also, besides copies of my certifications, do you think I should bring my SS card?

    All I know about the hospital is that it's not a trauma center ER, there are 30 beds in the ER, and they aren't a teaching hospital=[
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    Google interview questions. They ask usually the common ones. What would u you do in a certain type of situation, how you handled it, stuff like that. I didnt bring my SS card they never asked. Are you interviewing for St. Marys?
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    They LOVE to ask questions that will reveal your character, such as "tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult person/situation and what you did to resolve it" and "give me an example where you went above and beyond for a patient/customer/coworker." Best of luck on your interview!
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    I'm screwed. I asked the recruiter lady and i will meet with the manager and the rest of the staff. It will be scenario based questions-either based on what I would see in the ER or on what I would see on the street as an EMT. I haven't taken my emt class since spring 2010. What kind of questions do you think they'd ask me??? It's for St. Clare hospital in Fenton (St. Louis) , MO.