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  1. I had a phone interview last week for an ER tech position, full-time, night shift. I received a call back this morning saying the manager wants to meet me and discuss my qualifications and the job more in detail YAY!!

    Does anyone know how these in-person interviews are supposed to work? What kind of questions can I expect? Any scenario based questions?-I don't have any experience as an EMT; just lifeguarding. Any good questions I should ask at the end of the interview?

    Also, besides copies of my certifications, do you think I should bring my SS card?

    All I know about the hospital is that it's not a trauma center ER, there are 30 beds in the ER, and they aren't a teaching hospital=[
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  3. by   STL2008, RN
    Google interview questions. They ask usually the common ones. What would u you do in a certain type of situation, how you handled it, stuff like that. I didnt bring my SS card they never asked. Are you interviewing for St. Marys?
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    They LOVE to ask questions that will reveal your character, such as "tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult person/situation and what you did to resolve it" and "give me an example where you went above and beyond for a patient/customer/coworker." Best of luck on your interview!
  5. by   awb4130578
    I'm screwed. I asked the recruiter lady and i will meet with the manager and the rest of the staff. It will be scenario based questions-either based on what I would see in the ER or on what I would see on the street as an EMT. I haven't taken my emt class since spring 2010. What kind of questions do you think they'd ask me??? It's for St. Clare hospital in Fenton (St. Louis) , MO.