Dubuis Hospital

  1. Has anyone worked at Dubuis .I am loooking for job and thinking of apllying there as a nurse
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  3. by   onegoodnerve
    I've worked there as agency..I wouldn't recommend it though.. It is very archaic in terms of equipment and supplies. I had to bring my own tape and gauze from home(no kidding) The staff is pretty nice, but the morale is very low as well as there standard of care. Also, just so you know 90% of the staff there is agency. The patients are usually there 30+ days. One side is for vented pts and the other side is for the less acute. All of them are complete care, most of them have wound vacs and several dressing changes. Also be aware that nurses do EVERYTHING, including vs. The only thing a tech will do (if you happen to find one) is help turn. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more info.
  4. by   KenyaNurse
    Are u kidding me?No supplies? What was the nurse patient ratio? Did you work days or nights?
  5. by   onegoodnerve
    The ratio is 1/5. I worked nights..I have a friend who worked days and it wasn't any different for her. There is no pharmacy on nights and there may as well not be one on days either. They don't do narc counts, so when you go to pull you meds, the pyxis may say 20, but in reality it may only be 5 in that pocket. You're lucky if you have the IV fluids you need. I swear that place is a deathtrap. The money doesn't even make it worth it...
  6. by   rkrs6673
    wow interesting information
  7. by   onegoodnerve
    I worked there last night..I had a pt who had an H/H of 7.0/23..I paged the doc twice and her never called back so I went to speak w/the CN about it and she's like.."You should've run that by me first before you called him, so and so just paged him about something and so and so talked to him an our ago...we don't want to keep calling doctors every hour." I thought that's what docs get paid for??? Did I mention that you have to do all your own vitals and blood draws? To me it just seems overwhelming at times b/c you're doing total pt care with a high acuity population and it doesn't help that everything is unorganized and you have to go on a scavenger hunt for basic supplies. I think that's how you make mistakes..and I don't feel comfortable cutting corners, I dont' think it's fair to me or the patient. It's just really hard to give good care.
  8. by   oafzp4
    I've worked there once as an agency nurse and I told the staffing agency never to send me there again. I value my nursing license too much to walk into a death trap like Dubois.
  9. by   charley75
    These posts really surpriseme, my mom was in Dubuis about two years ago and I thought they were great. Maybe they have changed, is this the one in Saint Louis?
  10. by   Big5-Oh!
    I know this is a really old thread, but I'm new to this site and really hope you're checking back once in a while.
    I worked at Dubuis (or, as we called it, "Dubious", because the care is really of dubious quality!) St. Louis and it is truly a hellhole.
    The hospitalists are fine, and most of the specialist physicians are good, but the ones that aren't are real a*holes but nobody does anything about them - they're abusive to staff but no one says anything so they get away with it. Almost all of the nursing staff is agency, and mostly they have CNAs and techs, very few RNs.
    What the other posters said about the pharmacy is, unfortunately, true. They leave at 3p and that's it.
    But the worst thing about the whole place is the administration.
    There have been at least FOUR different administrators over the last three years, and there's no ADON, just a DON with some kind of brain disorder - for real. And the head honcho chick is just evil. She is about as scary as it gets, and I think she likes it that way. If you don't suck up to her you are history.
    The state has been onsite investigating them - something like six or eight times in 2008 - and there have been some very serious allegations made by patients and patient family members.
    It is not a good place to work, in my opinion. Turnover is very high, and like I said, mostly they have to use agency. I think their reputation is so bad in St. Louis now that if you go there, it's like you must be a bad nurse or why else would you end up there?
  11. by   oafzp4
    If they continue in their current ways, some major incident leading to a patient's death will occur and they will simply get closed down. It's going to happen sooner or later if they don't make drastic changes.
  12. by   Big5-Oh!
    oafzp4, it's already happened.
    State's been there a bunch of times, on complaints from patients and from patient families. And one time they were there the medical records manager was telling everybody they were only asking for records of people who died there.