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Dosage Test Prep Class

  1. 1 Just wanted to post on here and tell people that I just finished the dosage test prep class at STLCC (Forest Park), and it was totally worth taking. The class is called NRSG 704, it's 1 day a week for 4 weeks and the cost is $29. Book is optional- we didn't use it in class. Anyway I heard about this class on this forum and it was an awesome suggestion so I thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for some help prepping for their dosage tests.

    I am going to be attending Barnes and I know we have to take a few of them, and I am assuming that every other program out there makes you take them as well. After this class I have a lot of confidence in my ability to do dosage calculations, and feel I am prepared for the tests. Definitely look into it if you feel like you need some help!
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    I ended up taking the class twice due to the time in between when I applied and when I was able to start (at that time the test was only good for a year as I recall). I took it at both FP and Meramec and each time I got every pennie's worth of my money for the class. The instructors were top-notch and knew their material. I DID buy the book for the first class (which I used for the second class also) and referred to it many times during nursing school. But I understand if there are those who prefer not to have an extra text to purchase or store.

    Good thread!
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    I went to stlcc website and i didnt find that nursing course in the class schedule. who do i have to talk to about this class? Thanks in advance!
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    The class is listed under the Continuing Ed (CE) courses, not the regular Credit classes.

    It's NRSG 704 and is being offered on all 3 campuses this summer:
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    I have to retake math dosage cal and it has to transfer if i take it somewhere else, does this class transfer or is it just under cont. education which does not transfer?
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    It's only a CE class, so my guess would be that it will not transfer. You can try to call one of the campuses and ask an advisor about that. I don't know who might have a dosage class that would transfer in the STL area. Perhaps someone else will respond and let you know if there is one....

    Best wishes!
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    No wonder i didn't see it... Thanks a bunch!