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I am considering the accelerated ADN classes. It is new and in it's third class. The first class graduates Feb 2009. Their LPN classes show a good pass rate on the Missouri Nursing Board. It's very... Read More

  1. by   joiful
    I was wondering what any one has found out about Concorde. Did you hear from them, have you started yet? Why are you chosing Concorde? I am going tomorrow to check them out. I did start Chemistry and Anatomy at MCC. I then saw 20/20 about colleges being rip offs and the people that are making money are the ones that went to tech school and Universities are and did make promises they couldn't keep. Now there are tons of people with student loans who can not pay off their loans. I am one of them that got a business degree. My friend did nursing and they are a lot more schools there that don't make you have so many pre-rec's like they do here. Her comment was if I had to do all that I would not have made it. That is why I am looking into Concorde. If I don't get in then I am out of luck.
  2. by   HungryPanda
    hi joiful. i have only recently applied to the rn program at concorde. i am hoping to get into the class that starts in march, but we won’t know for a few more weeks, as they are still reviewing/taking applicants. i don’t know how prestigious it is, or if hospitals are apt to hire graduates from concorde, but it is accredited and it allows you to sit for the nclex…which is all i am looking for right now. i thought the price was very expensive, and the loans they offered were at a high percentage too. kccc and jccc were much cheaper, but they did not have an accelerated program like concorde. well, good luck with your decision and good luck on your entrance exams.
  3. by   HungryPanda
    I called a few schools to see if they would accept students who graduated from Concorde (ADN) who wanted to go RN-to-BSN, and they said no because it was a technical school...and not accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. Has anyone heard anything different? It appears if the mid- to long-term goal is to get a BSN, MSN or CRNA, then Concorde is not the best option. I hope I am wrong? PLease let me know.
  4. by   acshartman
    Hey all you Concorde Kansas City folks . . . today is the day that we hear whether we are in the top 35 for the RN classes beginning next month. Shout your news here when you get it and of course whether you are going to attend Concorde or not. My understanding is that we will probably not get called until this afternoon.
  5. by   acshartman
    Yeah, I am in the top 30, anyone else starting the RN program at Concorde Kansas City on Mar 23??
  6. by   Jordonnaweid
    Hi Acshartman,
    I was wondering how your experience with Concorde is going? Any advice on doing the Lpn program ? What to expect on the net test, is there lots of word problems etc.... Any advice on the Net would be highly appreciated thank you!!
  7. by   Butterfly29
    I am currently in the ADN-RN program at Concorde KC, getting ready to graduate in Feb. 2010. We are the third class to go thru the RN program. There have been lot of changes over the 14 months I have been there. It has been very frustrating having the rules changed time after time in the middle of a term, but I think they are starting to get their act together. They are insanely bad with communication - you absolutely have to fight for the information you need and they are infamous for giving 5 people completely different answers to the same question.

    That being said, the nursing instructors are very good, clinical sites have been good (with an exception or 2) and it really does take 14 months (16 including breaks) to get thru the program and be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN.

    Honestly, a few months ago I would never have recommended it, not because it is unbelievably intense and HARD (it really is) - but because they really need to get their act together. Everything is done at the last minute, nothing is consistent, it is impossible to get answers from anyone (besides teachers) and they are ridiculously cheap. BUT ... I see them making changes all of the time that will eventually make this a much better program. (It's just hard to imagine when you are in the middle of it.)

    To answer your other questions ... the NET test was not hard. You can use a calculator for the math. I bought a review book and really, really didn't need it. The math problems I had went as far as pretty basic algebra, a few fractions/percentages and lots of basic calculations (+/-*).

    As for the folks concerned about bridging from RN-BSN, no, KU and MU won't take the credits. But... UMKC will, University of Phoenix will and lots of online programs will. A couple require extra prereqs because it is an ADN and not an ASN. Bottom line - lots of people in the class that just graduated (Sept) have passed the NCLEX and are working in hospitals all over town.

    If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer. Hope any of this helps!
  8. by   kaap0714
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how difficult it is to get into the RN program at Concorde, how many applicants do they usually have and how many people do they choose? Is testing the only thing they look at for acceptance into the program? Thanks!
  9. by   kaap0714
    Hello Kelly,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how they rank applicants and how difficult in your opinion it is to get accepted. If you have any advice or tips I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you