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Okay, current and/or former students and rejectees: Has anyone been rejected due to their gpa? Was the gpa less than 3.2. I'm afraid that with their competivness, I won't get accepted.... Read More

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    I haven't been through the program yet, so I can't honestly say how it is or isn't, but as for now I am going to go ahead and assume that most of the bad things I am hearing are attributed to sour grapes from people who like to complain. I have talked personally with people lately that have been through the program and other than it being tough (which should obviously be expected) they don't really have anything bad to say about it.

    I plan to update this once I get started, maybe I will have changed my mind. For now I must go in with a positive attitude to save my sanity!

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    No, I was in the last ASN class, and they discontinued the program. That was a technical program for non- BA students. You only become an RN that way, no BA.
    I had a hard time with one of the classes and took a semester off. By then, they were changing into the Accelerated BSN. And I decided to reevaluate everything. Now, I am going into the Accelerated BSN at another college.
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    There are many acclerated nursing programs in every state all over the country.

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