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    I got accepted in the ASN program this fall 2013. Did my drug test and paid the acceptance fee and background check. Just wondering what's next? Anyone here from Cox?

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    Don't worry you hear something soon I hope you are ready for the ride!
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    I'm a little bit nervous but I am ready for a roller coaster ride.
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    Quote from committed
    I'm a little bit nervous but I am ready for a roller coaster ride.
    1st semester isn't to bad. It is hard only if you get behind so try to stay ahead it is time consuming so be ready for that. When school starts I won't be on here as often so if you ever have a question email me at I check that several times a day. Good luck to you!
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    Just wanted to see how you are doing
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    How long did it take for you guys to find out that you were accepted
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    I would call Cox to see what they require before I take a class over. They are very helpful.

    It did not take long to here back. That was a long time ago Good luck and I hope you get into the program you want! I graduate this semester but I will answer any questions you may have

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