Applying to GSON 12 months ahead of time?

  1. 0 I am from Oregon so this waitlist thing is a little foreign to me as the schools out here don't have them. It says on their website that you have to apply for the cohort that starts 12 months from the time you apply. I keep reading on this site though that many people made their way through long waitlists. Do you think it would be possible to apply for a term before Spring 2012 and get in?
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    To which program are you applying? I am starting the ABSN Tuesday and I applied the past Spring, around April-May. I was wait-listed for the Spring. My advice would be to apply for whatever term YOU want to start. If it is full and you are accepted you will be wait-listed for that term with guaranteed enrollment for the following term, if you do not get your desired term.
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    I am applying for Fall. I have all of my pre-req's complete so I am really hoping to get into a program that starts in Fall rather than waiting until Spring. Good luck with the ABSN program! I originally was only interested in accelerated programs, but I am a single mom with a two year old so I decided it might be too much for me.
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    Not related to your situation, but I would encourage anyone applying to GSON to apply as early as possible, since you do not need to have your pre-reqs completed to apply. They just need to be done by the time you start the program.

    I am no expert, but if you apply for fall, I'd guess you will probably be wait listed with a good shot of getting in for the Fall term.

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