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I'm looking into the accelerated BSN Program at MU because I already have a bachelor's degree in another field. Does anyone have experience with MU's program? How many students do they accept? ... Read More

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    Its okay. I appreciate the information you did tell me! You have been very helpful! Was the interview laid back? I had a friend who just had her interview and she said it was very laid back and they did not ask her any hard questions?

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    Quote from britbrat
    i was wondering if you could give me some insight on mizzou's accelerated nursing program? I have applied and have my interview soon! What are the pros and cons of the program? would you recommend it? thanks
    The program is extremely diverse. My class had so many different personalities and I loved getting to interact with them.
    Reputation. Having the Sinclair School of Nursing on your resume helps.
    Great clinical instructors.
    Great clinical sites.
    I'm sure I'm missing more, but if you get the chance to attend, I'd say to definitely do so without hesitation.

    Honestly the only con I can think of how intense the program can be. The longest break you will get is 3-4 weeks of Christmas vacation, and believe me when I say to savor every moment of it. I was taking pre-reqs up until last May and started the program 2 weeks later. Like any accelerated program, it can be very draining emotionally, and physically.

    I wish you luck on your interview! It's a fabulous program with a great reputation.
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    Sounds about right. The two women I spoke with were quite nice and we went over the time limit. It pretty much followed a normal job interview for me-example) name weaknesses and strengths, why should we choose you, do you have experience at all in the health field...we noticed you were from blank and are interetede in blank track of nursing...things like that. Remember to turn any weakness though into a strength.
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    Well I am so happy to hear that you enjoy the program! I was a little reluctant because it is 15months and others is 12! but then again it is one of the cheapest. Isnt the tuition like 20thousand?
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    do you have any type of free time? I mean just enough to keep you sane? like are you able to do one thing you enjoy doing for at least an hour once a month? I dont expect to have ample free time but I would like to have some down time at least for one hour once a month so I do not go crazy lol. I have to make a decision between SLU and MU and I do not know which to choose .

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