Anyone familiar with MU's Accelerated BSN Program? - page 2

I'm looking into the accelerated BSN Program at MU because I already have a bachelor's degree in another field. Does anyone have experience with MU's program? How many students do they accept? ... Read More

  1. by   britbrat
    Well I am so happy to hear that you enjoy the program! I was a little reluctant because it is 15months and others is 12! but then again it is one of the cheapest. Isnt the tuition like 20thousand?
  2. by   britbrat
    do you have any type of free time? I mean just enough to keep you sane? like are you able to do one thing you enjoy doing for at least an hour once a month? I dont expect to have ample free time but I would like to have some down time at least for one hour once a month so I do not go crazy lol. I have to make a decision between SLU and MU and I do not know which to choose .