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by Camwill

I was wondering if anyone on here is going to cox college nursing program. :heartbeat... Read More

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    Oh I don't know that there is an open house this month. I did the admission last spring semester, all I am waiting is my transcript from OTC and submit it and I hope I'll get accepted. Are they open this Jan. 7? Do I need to pay another fee for application?
    They are open tomorrow. You should call admission just to make sure you have everything you need.
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    Quote from Camwill
    They are open tomorrow. You should call admission just to make sure you have everything you need.
    When you applied the program, all you pay is $45 right? Just the admission, am I right? Sorry, I'm just confused..... But I'm sure call them tomorrow.
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    Hi! I'm wanting to apply to the accelerated nursing program at cox. I have my bachelor's and master's in psychology. I graduated from them in 2007 and 2011. Does anyone know what pre-reqs I will need to take? I have taken psychology (undergrad- took in 2003), human biology (undergrad-took in 2007), sociology (undergrad- took in 2006), human development (grad- took in 2007), stats (grad- took in 2007). For sure I will need to take chemistry, microbiology, and pathophysiology. And i'm guessing nutrition and human physiology. Will my other classes cover the other pre-reqs (psych, human anatomy, life span development, and stats) or are they too old?

    Also where is the best place to do the pre-reqs and how long will it take to get them done? Is it realistic for me to start the program Spring of 2015? Or will it more likely not happen until 2016 because of the pre-reqs I need to take? Also, how do I go about starting the process? Do I contact cox first about applying and then take my pre-reqs or do I just take the pre-reqs and hope that I will get accepted when I apply later? Sorry, for all the questions. I have no idea what I am doing!
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    I would call them before I take a class over. They are very helpful.
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    Thanks! Anyone in particular I should ask for when I call or just call up the admissions office?
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    Ask for accelerated bsn program advisor. They will get you to the right person.