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How do you feel the working conditions for nurses fair in Mississippi, on a scale of 1-5, with fiving being the highest. After I graduate from nursing school I plan to work in Jackson at UMC, Baptist, or St. Dominique(sorry... Read More

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    Quote from chattypattyCRNA2B
    I just wanted to say an early welcome to Mississippi. I think you will really love it here! I'll try to help you as much as I can with the information you're seeking. Oh by the way, I'm a nursing student as well at Mississippi College. I'm only in my 1st semester. Mississippi is a great placed to live and raise children. I don't think you have to worry so much about racism. Of course there is racism everywhere, but I don't think it is any worse than in other place you may go to. I don't think you will have anything to worry about. There is a nicely sized population of Asians that live here in the Jackson Metro area already and I think it will increase because of the Nissan plant that is in Canton. Is that why you decided to move to Canton? UMC (which is located in Jackson) is about a 30 minute drive from Canton (maybe more in the morning due to traffic). UMC is a good hospital to work at because it is our only teaching hospital and it is a level one trauma center, so if you're looking for lots of action that would be my 1st choice. I hope to work there when I graduate in 2007. They definitely do accept new graduates. As far as the pay goes, I've heard several people say different things about new grad starting pay. I think the best option for you is to call around to some of the hospitals and find out that way or just put in several applications and get a sense of who is paying what. I know my sister-n-law graduated from UMC in 2004 and found a job working in a dialysis center making 19.00 per hour. But I've also heard of students graduating last year who only started out making 16.50 per hour. :stone That's the lowest I've ever heard of and was surprised it was so low; so I think it depends a lot on where you end up working at and how bad they need nurses. As far as being licensed in Mississippi, I don't know what is required, but I've posted the BON's website below to get you started in the right direction. I hope this helps and keep in touch and let me know how it's going for you.

    Here they are. The first one is the Mississippi Board of Nursing and the last link is our local newspaper for the Jackson Metro area:

    hi! i checked on the site you gave me, thanks soo much, i even emailed the BOn of MS. the regulations of MS BON is that i need to submit a CGFNS certificate or any substitute. but what substitute? any guys have an idea?wanted to be ready. i will sooi graduate from a college here in the philippines.they haven't sent any reply.
    thanks for all the help! God bless!

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    hi! i am a senior nursing student here in the philippines, am thinking of working in central mississippi and of course i need to take the licensure exam.Can you give me some tips in preparing for the exam? what nursing review books can you suggest esp for MS exam. and well, about the reivew there, how long will review classes take and how much? can you rate the difficulty? the closer graduation gest the higher my anxiety level goes. I'll be very much grateful for the help from you and friends who have taken the exam. God bless us and our patients...Thank You
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    Quote from June55Baby
    I also work in a small hospital in Central Mississippi, just down the road from those BIG MEDCIAL CENTERS. I have worked at a couple of them and realize that bigger ain't always better especially when it comes to quality of patient care and how employees are treated.

    I agree with ERNIRSE4MS, Mississippi is a great state! And I'm quite partial myself!

    HI!!!! hi to you and everybidy? anyone here who works at MEA central MS? how do you find it? any feedbacks?thanks everyone!

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