William Carey

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    Any thoughts on the school or nursing program???

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    I have a friend that graduated from William Carey a few years ago. I've heard both good and bad things about the program. I've heard that it's very student friendly, instructors really seem to care and are willing to work with students. I've also heard that a lot of their graduates have a hard time passing NCLEX. I don't know how true that is, but that is just what I have heard.
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    Thanks for the reply. Do you know what your friends GPA was? Also, did she/he take a pre-reqs at WC?
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    anymore on WCU's nursing school?
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    A friend of mine is doing their RN-BSN program right now. She says she likes it better than what USA and USM had to offer. I'm going to do the RN-BSN at USM this spring.
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    I have a friend that graduated from WC about 4 years ago, but she took her prereqs at JD though. She said she enjoyed it and they really made an effort to work with her when she had her daughter prematurely in the middle of the semester. From talking to her it seemed like they had better clinical opportunities than we had at USM. I've heard both good and bad things about WC nursing school, but I guess every school has it's quirks. Good luck to you.
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    too expensive....
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    Im actually in the nursing program right now. William Carey has 100% NCLEX passing rate. Instructors help u alot. and the program is accelerated.
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    Im attending WCU right now. Im between both new orleans and gulfport campuses where I live...so I take classes at both. I know that the new orleans director said NO is the only one with 100% pass rate...that was 6 months ago. Do you like it?Which campus are you at? How are your clinical experiences?

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