Singing River hospital in Ocean Springs

  1. i saw that singing river hospital in mississippi offers a sweet scholarship in return for some work. anyone here work at this hospital and if so how is it?
    any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
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  3. by   Charity
    don't work there myself, but am in the general area

    One word...Katrina
  4. by   CatintheER
    :angel2: Troy,
    Hey, I worked at Ocean Springs Hospital for 2 years, ped floor and then ER. I love it. It is a little hospital, everyone is pretty friendly? where do you want to work? Ortho is suppose to be the place to work, but then there is my fav ER.

    Cat in the ER
  5. by   exnavygirl-RN
    My neighbor works there. I'll ask her and get back to you. I'm interested in working there once I get my RN.
    We have had a lot of people leave the hospital I work to go work at Singing River/ Ocean Springs.
    Christy, LPN
  6. by   Student_Nurse_Cossman
    just saw this, and thought i'd let you know: one my sister's clients is in the adn program under a scholarship from singing river. from what i hear, you have to sign a 1 year contract (maybe 2, but not sure) with them after you graduate. i plan on looking into it also. i don't know any other details. but, i hear singing river is one of the best hospitals to work for. hopes this helps!

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