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Looking for some info on the RN to BSN program at USM:nurse:. How long does it take? Is it difficult? I live on the Gulf Coast. Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from TelegirlRN
    Hi Angel 3, I graduated from MGCCC/JC -RN program last year. I still need several pre-req classes to get into the BSN program at USM, but I haven't taken any of them yet. I will probably be taking them at one of the MGCCC campuses in spring.
    He TelegirlRN, how was the program at the JC campus? Was it very hard to get into, and was there a long waiting list? I'm sure there is because we started our fall classes today, and you know you go through that whole spill of introducing yourself & your major. Just about every girl in all 3 classes I had today were nursing major's. I am currently taking my pre & core-reqs at the same time. I hope to be applying next semester for the fall ADN program. I am also going to apply at USM to better my chances. I hope to see you on campus next semester.:spin: Let me know what classes you will be taking & good luck. Congrats on the graduation. I can't wait for that opportunity.

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    Quote from cynt77
    No Problemo ask away!
    Sorry but I don't know what the cut-off was. But at one point in time they were searching for applicants right after Katrina. I guess a lot of people thought the school was closed down but they just moved us to a temporary location.
    Thanks, I'm going to apply to both programs, and pray I get accepted into one of them. It doesn't matter to me which one because MGCCC has a bridge program with USM to go straight into their program after you complete your ADN program along with the core-reqs.

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