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Hey everyone, First off, I hope everyone and their family have survived the hurricane with no or minimal damage, and secondly I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with UMC's accelerated program. I just finished my... Read More

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    I didn't really think it was any "worse" than the traditional program; just different. It is just so fast paced. Actually though, at this point in my life I don't think I could have done the traditonal program without becoming frustrated. I can't imagine still being in school (the traditional students who started the same time we did will graduate this May). Yeah I'm from Mississippi. My previous degree was in biology. I had taught school for 6 years. I am actually employed now at UMC. I guess they got me and kept me. LOL
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    Are you from Jackson? I am just asking b/c I am wondering if I know you. I am from Canton and graduated from St. Andrew's. I am 30. My name is K.K. Sutherland. Just wondering. I really hope to get accepted into this program. Do you know Laura Schenk? She is an instructor at the school and I have known her since I was in elementary school. Her son is my age. Her daughter started the accelerated program this past May. Congrats on working at UMC!!!