On Call Staffing, Inc. or Guardian Angel Nursing?

  1. Has anyone here heard of On Call Staffing, Inc.? It is a private duty nursing company with its main office in Batesville, MS. I live in TN and I recently started working for them as a last resort. I don't think they have a local TN office, but I am not sure. I have only spoken to them over the phone and never in person. I can't find any info about them on the internet. I know they are a "real" company because I have a friend who started working for them a couple of months ago. I just want to know more about the company. Thanks for any info :-)

    It is weird but I found a web site that looks like the same company but it has a different name. Here is the link:

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  3. by   RN1980
    im in central mississippi and have never heard of them. im familiar with prime care nursing, they have contracts for home sitting care.
  4. by   Girly5909
    How was working for them? I am just about to start and honestly it makes me a little nervous to know so little about them.
  5. by   CrazyGoonRN
    Honestly I didn't feel comfortable knowing so little about them either. I didn't work there long. I didn't have much of an orientation. I was completly shocked that they would leave me there with a patient when I knew so little about what was wrong with him. I know its a legit company but it didn't feel like it was. There were just too many unanswered questions and unknowns for me to feel comfortable working for them. I wish you luck and hope you have a better experience.
  6. by   brittany09
    i worked for them years ago. i have lost there phone number and i need to contact them for a employment history. can you please give me there phone number?
  7. by   CrazyGoonRN
    It is (866) 442-9662
  8. by   Stephanie King
    Hello! I used to work for on call in the office. They are actually a great company to work with..... They are a staffing agency for friendship private duty, angel private duty, and functional independence out of tennessee.
    They were previously guardian angel nursing, but i think they were bought by someone else. That was before my time, so im really not sure.
    If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, they will work with you on whatever the situation; whether its orientation hours, location of the patient, the patient, the patients family, etc. They are always helpful and want you to be comfortable wherever you are working.
    Their number is 1-866-623-0997....... Give them a call im sure someone will work with you on your needs and concerns.