New Salary rates in Mississippi

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    I am just beginning my journey through nursing school, but i was just wondering what the going pay rate is for a new graduate RN at most hospitals throughout mississippi..I am from laurel, so im most interested in hospitals near here.(hattiesburg, laurel, meridian) but I am most likely goin to move to jackson after I graduate so info from that area would be great!!

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    I'm from North Mississippi and the only places I looked at around here had base pay of $18.75 and then the other was $20.00, I believe. I ended up taking a job in Tennessee. Good luck!!
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    Tupelo, MS New Grad hospital pay is $20.00 plus shift diff.
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    Recently started as an RN in Meridian (but not at one of the major Med-Surg hospitals). Work in acute mental health. I had zero experience and starting base rate was 20/hr. then night and weekend diffs are 2 and 3 more an hour (which is a drastic difference if you only work nights or weekends, or in my case, Baylor (I am a night person so am glad to work nights) so essentially am starting@25/hr)... so if shift diffs are good and you are willing to work at those times, you can boost it a good bit.
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    Try to get on with Regency Hospital..they were taken over by Select Medical corporation, but they pay more than hospitals anywhere in starting pay with them was $4 an hour more than the base pay at the hospitals. Good luck!
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