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  1. 0 I am interested in working at NMMC. Is it very difficult to get a job there as a new RN?
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    Quote from avaloncar
    I am interested in working at NMMC. Is it very difficult to get a job there as a new RN?
    i work prn at nmmc tupelo, been there in the icu for about 4yrs now. i thought it was alittle difficult to get my foot in the door there. they sort of have a long drawn out interveiw process, 1st i got called into human resources for a breif interview with a low ranking hr bean counter who basically asked me questions she read off a computer screen. then about a wk or two later i went back again and had a interview with whom i think is a mid level hr pencil pusher who basically did the same thing, later in the month i finally had a face to face with at the time was the asst. unit manager and i was showed the unit and so basically took me about 1-2 mos to get in the system.
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    Thank you for responding. I just recently moved here and I figured that being the new girl it would be hard for me to get in. I already have my application in and it just seems like no one is responding to my calls and/or they just don't want me to work there. It is really depressing. But I hope to get something soon.
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    How did it go! I hope everything worked out.... I'm on the same trail and need any advice possible on a great place to work "weekends" in Tupelo??? Columbus, Ms??

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