1. I am going to start the ADN program this fall at MGCCC and I was wondering if anyone could tell me specifically what books are used in the first semester. I am looking for full titles and authors.
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  3. by   JusJami
    which campus will you be attending? not that it makes a difference as far as the books you'll be needing. you will need fundamentals of nursing, 6th ed. i think, abrams clinical drug therapy, maternal child nursing, a few others. the bookstore should be able to tell you...
  4. by   urbangirl00
    Thanks. I am at the Perkinston campus. I will probably get the list of books in another month I was just trying to get them ahead of time so I could be familiar with them.
  5. by   JusJami
    just get a bookbag with wheels!!! btw, i'm at perk too.
  6. by   jenniferlee
    I just graduated from Perk's ADN program. These books are very expensive and I think you would be better off getting them from the bookstore. The rent fee is included in your tuition. Many of us wanted to buy our books so we could have them, but after 2 years in this program, I promise you there is not one book that I had to own for myself, that I couldn't live without and couldn't rent. I think it would be more wise to use your extra money to buy care plan books, these are very expensive, and you really need 2 or 3 of them for variety. We had the Abrams book, and hated it! NEVER used it! I also have a delmar's book, AND NEVER USED IT! And it was expensive. When you have a skill to do in the skill's lab,they give you a check off sheet with each step the way they want the skill done. Most of the time Delmar and your med surg book contradict each other anyway. BUT you still have to have it, and you have to pay for that out of pocket. My point? save your money cause what you can't rent you have to buy, and its expensive! Plus you need a stethescope, blood pressure cuff, uniform, shoes, skills lab kits, etc.etc. The list gets longer and longer. Wish you the best of luck! And they just recently changed the fundamentals book, its not the same one we had 2 years ago.
  7. by   JusJami
    Is this Jennie V.? I'm going into third level at Perk in August. Yeah, I just don't want to carry around that HUGE book for two more semesters, so I was looking for the two volume set and got lucky to find it so cheap, and it's only $20 more than it would be to rent them. I'll just sell them when I'm done. Oh, and that skills book we had to have...if that wasn't a big waste of $95! I also have two care plan books, and only one regularly, gonna try to sell the other to a 1st level this fall, and if I had known I could have checked out the one I use, from the library, I'd have saved $50 there too!Well, best of luck to ya!
  8. by   jenniferlee
    tee hee thats me. and I passed boards, I got my license yesterday! btw we were all dazed and confused, so who are you????
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  9. by   iamoore
    Hi, I am hoping to be attending the summer program--you are the only one so far that I know of who is in this program..ANY info/advice you can give me would be appreciated and goodluck.:spin:
  10. by   JusJami
    which mgccc campus do you plan on attending?
  11. by   iamoore
    I am planning on goingto this program for my RN. I've heard alot of good things, like the staff actually cares and tries to help. Anytips or words of advice..thanks:spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:rdnrs:
  12. by   iamoore
    I am trying to get into this program..An?ywords of advice?
  13. by   JusJami
    So it is the Perk campus you're going to attend? What's your name?
  14. by   iamoore
    Its Iris. Didn't you just graduate?

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