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Meridian MS RN pay

  1. 0 Hello I am moving to Meridian MS and I wanted to see what were the best hospitals and the starting pay for RN with BSN. I have a interview next week at Rush Hospital and wanted to get an idea what to expect. I will have 5 months experience in Med Surg when I move in January. Currently living in Georgia and make 18.86+diff( working nights making $21 on weekdays and about 22-23 on weekends)

    Shen RN(BSN)
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    What did you find out at the interview?
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    I'd be interested also in how the interview went and you're over feelings about the hospital and community. I'm up north and considering a southern move. I have lots of family in Biloxi, Gulfport, Vancleave, etc., but don't want to be that close to the coast. I was there in Oct. and saw Katrina's aftermath and it was just heartbreaking.
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    I hear Rush starts new grads out about $16.50/hr + $1/hr for BSN + shift diff for nights/weekends. I only know this because a gal in my class is planning to go to work there. Sorry, I have no idea about their experience RN pay, though.

    I've heard that Neshoba General (in Philadelphia, MS) pays better. They start out their new grads at $21/hr but I don't know about other benefits. I've also heard not such great things about their staffing - but I do know their ER nurses like it... My bro is one of the MDs that works there.
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    Oops, didn't realize this was such an old post! Sorry for the VERY late reply.