How Long Does Mississippi Take To Send/post Nclex Results? - page 3

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How long does it take for MS to send/post Nclex results and do they ever post on saturday/sunday? Update: I passed... Read More

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    Got the official word today! I'm an OFFICIAL RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    does anyone know why it takes so long or why mississippi does not participate in quick results? i took mine on the 23rd of feb and i'm hoping it doesnít take as long as some of the other posts i have read. is there a certain time the website is updated?

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    I took mine Friday the 27th at 2pm in Mobile and Im still waiting on my results to post.. I'm getting the good pop up from the PVT though.. I need my license number for my employer!! I took my PN in 2/2007 and the results were posted the next day!! Time is money for me.. LOL..