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I am thinking of relocating to Columbus, MS and wanted to know about the hospitals in the area. I actually posted a salary question in the General Discussion, but thought I might get better response here. I wanted to know what... Read More

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    Hey yall! I'm a MUW nursing student, so I'm in Columbus regularly.

    There's hospital that comes to mind is Baptist (Golden Triangle) in Columbus - of course OCH in Starkville, Tuscaloosa is about an hour's drive away, same for Tupelo - where there's a sprawling NMMC facility. There's also a smaller NMMC hospital in West Point (where I did my clinicals during the fall), about 30 miles from Columbus.

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    There is a hospital in Columbus called Baptist Memorial Golden Triangle. I used to work there on the med - surg unit as a CNA about 2 years ago and I had my daughter there. The hospital is not very small, in fact, they are adding on to the facility. I heard that lpn's can make about $17 hrly. I am an lpn and I am thinking of moving back to the area. I have lived in Ocean Springs for the past two years. They also have a web site. Hope this helps.

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