Holmes or MDCC Acceptance Letters 2012 - page 3

I am currently waiting very anxious for these letters to come in the mail.. I know of people who have received their re-acceptance letters for MDCC in the middle of April.. Why does this process take so long to get here..... Read More

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    I graduated Holnes Ridgeland in May 2011. Going in I had a 4.0 and 27 ACT. You get points for GPA, ACT, and completed pre-reqs.

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    Ugh I meant I graduated May 2012 lol
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    I graduate from the Ridgeland campus in May 2013. 30 on my ACT, like a 3.5 GPA. I got my letter over spring break. I can't remember how they accept people but you definitely have a better chance of getting in with a high GPA and ACT. good luck!
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    Thank you!

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