Holmes Acceptance Letters 2013

  1. Has anyone received their acceptance letter from Holmes? I am patiently waiting to hear. I applied at the Ridgeland Campus. Any prior students that could give some insight on how they select i.e. typical ACT score and GPA the nursing students would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   mstmj
    I am still taking prerequisites but it seems like most people have a high GPA and high ACT scores.
  4. by   mstmj
    One person posted in a previous thread that they had a 4.0 GPA before attending. Did you apply to Hinds, UMC as well?
  5. by   livRN2012
    I had a 30 ACT and a 3.5ish GPA, as well as the majority if prereqs
  6. by   vbennett84
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday, but decline because I have already got accepted in Hindscc program. But I only had a 19 on ACT, currently taking my nutrition class, and had all my preq.
  7. by   dreamnurse111
    I recieved a rejection letter from holmes on april 3. I have read a lot of comments on how they pick their students. Some say that you have to have a high GPA. (I have a 3.5), all pre-req done(mines done), and high ACT (I HAVE A MIM 18+ a bachelors degree!) IDK understand what it is... However I was accepted in to ALCORN NURSING SCHOOL SO Im HAPPY.

    Hopefully you will be accepted into holmes!! keep checkin the doghouse account!
  8. by   nbradshaw
    When did you hear from Hinds? I called them today and was told today letters would not be mailed until next week.
  9. by   olemissrebel
    I also got accepted into Hinds for fall 2013. I don't know what to expect, but I am so very excited
  10. by   nbradshaw
    When did you get your letter
  11. by   ms12
    I received my acceptance letter to Hinds, the Jackson campus, early last week. If you have not heard anything, perhaps you should call the Allied Health Center.
  12. by   olemissrebel
    I called Tuesday morning and they told me I was accepted.
  13. by   HottyToddy12
    Hi! I've just been accepted for Spring 14 Hinds ADN program. Can you tell me a little more about your first semester and any good study tips, class schedule, etc. Thanks so much!
  14. by   dannygurl84
    Quote from livRN2012
    I had a 30 ACT and a 3.5ish GPA, as well as the majority if prereqs
    Hi I have to retake my ACT to get into southwest community college and I was wondering what did you study to get that high score?