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HI, i would like to ask if anyone of you here worked before for this hospital? Is it good? I am so concern right now coz it's asylum, a mental hosp and Im not sure if I could take it. I really need... Read More

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    I had a aunt that was a patient at East MS on one of the psych wards. To be honest, that was a scary place on the psych wards. The ward when they first send psych patients is the scariest one. When they become better they move patients to different floors which aren't so bad. To each it's own. They have other areas like the nursing home that isn't that bad.

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    anyone here working at east mississipi hosp.? any advice... i will be working soon there and i'm quite nevouse bec. am not used to handle psyche pt. any advice or suggestions before i do so. tanx so much my fellow nurses.. i really need some advice

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