Crisis - Accepted to LPN program but want RN

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I'm currently attending MGCCC - JD campus. I have been accepted to the LPN program that starts this Fall. I've heard that LPNS aren't really making that much money. Recently I was hired by Memorial for the position of a multi-skilled tech which is a cna with added skills. I'm almost finished with my prereqs for USA. I'm in summer school now completing A&P I and Microbiology. I'll also take A&P II in the second summer session. During the fall I will complete Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy. I have everything else done and am just waiting for the fall to being so I can send my application in to USA with my transcripts showing that my classes are in progress. I was a CNA like 5 years ago so I've retaken that course again to recertify for my license. The nurse manager on the floor where I work said that because of my position as a multiskill tech that I'll gain great experience that will help once I enter nursing school. I wonder what the pay difference is between a LPN and an RN since I was reading a few threads about it. If I wait and I'm accepted to USA and start in the coming Spring - the program is only 15 months. I need some advice. I mean I really want my BSN degree and also I have an associate's degree so I can no longer receive financial aid at a community college so I would be paying for the LPN or ADN program out of pocket vs. attending a 4 yr college where I could receive assistance. Please drown me in advice
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    I've been an LPN now for about 3 years, graduated from JD, RN pay compared with LPN pay differs everywhere, for example, most RN's in hospitals only start out at around 18.00, as an LPN you can make the same amount in most nursing homes, it all depends on where you want to work, I personally love geriatrics, you become very close to them. good luck!
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    I would suggest doing the BSN. School is expensive and you need all the financial aid you can get. Also, since getting your BSN is important to you why not just go for it!
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    I would go for the RN. LPN's work their butts off and don't get the pay they deserve. Work your butt off and get RN pay. Plus their are so many more opportunities as an RN. Some areas don't take LPN's. It's much easier to get the job you want as an RN. Plus, if you wanted, there are programs that allow you to get an RN with 18 to 24 mths of training if you wanted to go that route. But the BSN program would be more fun and less intense. Good Luck!
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    no crisis just think it only takes a yr to be an lpn and its hard i grant you but you can always challenge or do fast track or even online after you become an lpn and while you are getting your RN you will be making awesome money! though not always true but mostly its easier to get into an LPN program than an RN! GOOD-LUCK!!!!!
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    Can you get into the LPN program and then bridge to the RN program? I would definitely go for the RN in the long run!
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    i went the lpn track and know other people who did as well, it makes it a little easier to bridge because you have more experience. the lpn is not easy but the experience makes the rn bridge much easier than if you did not have the lpn
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    ahh, i went through this last semester... i say hold out for the adn program, or look into taking extra classes for your bsn, as it will eventually pan out in the long run.
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    OH... the accelerated bsn program at usa is EXTREMELY competitive, but i wish you all the luck in whatever you decide to do!

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