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Hey guys. I was a little devastated when I was placed on the alternate list for UMC's accelerated BSN program. I thought being an alternate was ok until I was told all of the remaining 69 people who... Read More

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    St. Andrew's is Episcopal and St. Joe is Catholic. I went to both. I am Catholic. Graduated from St. Andrew's. 2 1/2 years huh? Hopefully you will find your way around soon. I suggest GPS. It is very helpful. I am lost most of the time...
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    Hey everyone it is April 12, 2009 and i was wondering if anyone recieved a letter yet from Hinds? I am a little too anxious.. Thanks
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    Are you asking about the Hinds ADN program? I received a letter Friday April 10. I live close. Hopefully you will hear today or tomorrow!!! Good luck!
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    yes i am talking about the RN ADN program! What was the date on the Letter if you dont mind me asking because I am trying to see was it the day I talked to a recruiter there but thanks...I am checking the mailbox everyday...I am starting to get a little nervous
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    Did you speak with Kathryn there? She is sooooo nice! I do not have the letter in my hands unfortunately. So, I am not sure when it was dated. Sorry. I will get it in the next couple of days, but by then you will probably have heard from them. I am in N.C. for a bit and my mom opened it and is sending it to me from MS. I received the letter on Friday. My guess is that it was mailed on Thursday morning maybe even Wednesday. It usually takes a day. I live in Canton and it was sent from Jackson so...Hang in there. I bet it will come today or tomorrow.
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    Thank You sooo Much, You are very helpuful. And yes I always speak with Kathryn everytime i call but i will be waiting but i dont stay far from Jackson myself, I actually live in Ridgeland but I will try to wait it out...Thank yOu so much
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    No problem! I will let you know when the letter comes what day it was printed.

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