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Just curious. Any new grad RNs having a hard time finding a job? I graduated in Dec. and CAN'T find a job to save my life. I've applied for numerous jobs at all the hospitals and various clinics on... Read More

  1. by   dRN1
    cocochanel, I graduated in Dec too, I work for OS hospital and I think we may be hiring a new grad and an exp nurse. My boss told me that over 75 applicants applied to a recent posting. Alot of getting an interview seems to be about "who u know"... Which sucks, you just gotta network, heck even showing up and talk to the nurse recruiter face to face helps
  2. by   CocoChanel
    Thanks for the info dRN1 and there's no need to be rude ct1989, she was just asking. I also sent you a PM dRN1
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  3. by   C-DIFF PHIL RN
    and man i was just informed by a few people this past week that they were going to leave their jobs and goto nsg school, i warned them the grass is no greener over here than there. the pubic needs to hear the fact that there are fewer jobs out there and the one that are open still are ussually the ones that nobody wants.
  4. by   dRN1
    Hey Phil, why do you call yourself c diff? yikes!
  5. by   C-DIFF PHIL RN
    when i first started in the icu as a new nurse, all the older nurses made light of the fact that they gave me the sickest patients in the unit & they made sure the patients had terrible cases of c-diff. also it seemed like almost every pt i got eventually got c-diff for awhile. so they started calling me "diff" which is short for c-diff.
  6. by   Leeroy Jenkins
    In response to the people wanting to leave their jobs to go to nursing school.. Yes it may not be good now.. but in a few years you think it will pick back up?? I am starting in August and I dont want to go to school and get out in 2 years and not be able to find a dang job if my life depended on it.. Haha
  7. by   exnavygirl-RN
    I'm a new RN with 6 years experience as a LPN working in Med/Surg and Telemetry. I'm having difficulty finding a position, too. I'm still working as a LPN because my facility has to have a RN opening before I can apply. Yes, it is weird. I work for the V.A. I also live on the MS Gulf Coast!!
  8. by   vanillavirtue
    I find it very surprising that new graduate nurses are having issues finding a job in MS. I see SO MANY openings for nursing all over the state of MS. I wouldn't suggest for anyone to leave their job to go to nursing school. If you have a job in this economy, you better keep it! I just got accepted into the RN program for this Fall. The only reason why I'm considering doing nursing because the job I had lost it's funding. Yet, I'm still out their hustling and applying for jobs. When I get the call that I got the job I interviewed for, I"m going to take it. I will have to put nursing on the back burner because it is all about working and being able to be self sufficient and pay off debt, whether it is nursing or another profession. So anyone who has a job now, DON'T QUIT IT FOR NURSING SCHOOL!
  9. by   Guy84RN
    Don't quit for nursing school? I have to disagree, I would encourage anyone to go to nursing school, because RN may be one of the few professions with jobs in a few years. It is the number 1 recession proof job. So going to school could save their butt in the years to come!
  10. by   vanillavirtue
    Quote from Guy84RN
    Don't quit for nursing school? I have to disagree, I would encourage anyone to go to nursing school, because RN may be one of the few professions with jobs in a few years. It is the number 1 recession proof job. So going to school could save their butt in the years to come!
    If you have a job in this economic times, you better NOT quit it. Nursing is not a recession proof job. If you want a recession proof job you better go into education. There are people getting laid off from nursing all over the US. Some hospitals have hiring freezes and some are closing across the US. I'm not knocking nursing because I got accepted into a Fall program. You just better have faith in God to get a job even in nursing. If you have a job, you should just arrange your schedule around nursing school. I wouldn't suggest quitting it. Again, I suggest you to have faith in God. God's people are prospering and finding jobs in this economy other's who aren't connected to God are the one's who are worried. I know folks might get mad, but it is the truth. This is not the time to fall off with your relationship with God. I just felt that I should add that.
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  11. by   Guy84RN
    I guess CNN and Time money are wrong to state that Registered Nurses have the number 1 recession proof job? Education is not at the top of the list. It is Registered Nurses and people with computer science degrees. People will always need health care and get sick. Nursing has the most shortage of workers than any other career now. It is like over 600 thousand shortages throughout the US. This is a fact: REGISTERED NURSES HAVE THE #1 Recession Proof Job, and I didn't make that fact, the experts did. I just graduated back in May and put in for over 20 different positions, and even got the job that I wanted over all the others, and yes I thank God for that, but it is ridiculous to say we should be concerned because people will always be sick and hospitals need skilled RNs to do the job, because not just anybody can fill that spot!
  12. by   Guy84RN
    Also many people can't handle working and RN school at the same time. The only people that worked while in nursing school in my program had weekend jobs at the hospital, and most of them didn't make it through the program. While many people in engineering or computer science programs may be able to work with ease, you'll find that it may be nearly impossible, or at least very difficult while in nursing school, frankly because nursing school is so time consuming and difficult. Instructors advise you NOT to work while in nursing school, because it is an overtime job in itself, doing care maps at home, paperwork at home for clinicals, doing clinicals at hospitals, lecture in the classroom, demonstrations and skilled test in the lab, and not to mention Studying like you've never studied before! I have been there and done it, I have seen some succeed and some not, most that do devote all there time to nursing school, which is what it normally takes.Congrats on getting in the program! You will see soon what it takes, I did, and it was not easy even without a job
  13. by   vanillavirtue
    You can't always believe the news. The media always portrays a image of something that is not factual. It is best to turn off your t.v. now days. The fact is that there is no nursing shortage. How is there a shortage when so many people are graduating from nursing school and can't find jobs? Hospitals try to cut back as much as they can. That is when you see a large patient to nurses ratio. (They just work the RN's that they have into the ground, and they become burned out.) The nurses that they have are swamped with patients. When you see an opening in the paper, it is just one opening at a hospital. HR has over 100-200 applications for just one opening. So in actuality, there is not a nursing shortage anywhere. Just go through the allnurses website, and you will see the same things I'm talking about. Go through and read some of these other forums and see how many graduates are having trouble finding jobs. I know of people who have been laid off from nursing in other states. In MS it is not that bad. There are just some hiring freezes at certain hospitals in MS. Again, don't let the news fool you. There are plenty of openings in education. Education should have been listed as the #1 recession proof job, and I remember CNN mentioning that a while back. There will always be funding for education, and by law they can't swamp teachers with students as they do nurses with patients. The reason why education has a lot of openings is because not everyone is qualified to go into the field. You have to have a Bachelor's degree and at least be certified. Also, I don't suggest people quitting their jobs for nursing because it would be terrible for them to come out and can't find a job and be in a worse situation than they were already in.

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