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Just curious. Any new grad RNs having a hard time finding a job? I graduated in Dec. and CAN'T find a job to save my life. I've applied for numerous jobs at all the hospitals and various clinics on the coast and STILL haven't... Read More

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    I live on the MS Gulf Coast

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    Singing River in Ocean Springs has posted openings in emergency and l&d in the past 6 days. Maybe give 'em a try.
    And don't feel too bad. I'm an RN x 20 years and having trouble finding work...although not looking for a job in the hospital.
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    "Well.. I hope Mississippi.. since that is what board we are on. "

    I navigated to this page while I was searching, but since you are so quippy, I know of an opening for a new grad on day shift at the hospital I work for in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast, since that is what state I live in and was the reason I was asking.
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    cocochanel, I graduated in Dec too, I work for OS hospital and I think we may be hiring a new grad and an exp nurse. My boss told me that over 75 applicants applied to a recent posting. Alot of getting an interview seems to be about "who u know"... Which sucks, you just gotta network, heck even showing up and talk to the nurse recruiter face to face helps
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    Thanks for the info dRN1 and there's no need to be rude ct1989, she was just asking. I also sent you a PM dRN1
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    and man i was just informed by a few people this past week that they were going to leave their jobs and goto nsg school, i warned them the grass is no greener over here than there. the pubic needs to hear the fact that there are fewer jobs out there and the one that are open still are ussually the ones that nobody wants.
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    Hey Phil, why do you call yourself c diff? yikes!
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    when i first started in the icu as a new nurse, all the older nurses made light of the fact that they gave me the sickest patients in the unit & they made sure the patients had terrible cases of c-diff. also it seemed like almost every pt i got eventually got c-diff for awhile. so they started calling me "diff" which is short for c-diff.
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    In response to the people wanting to leave their jobs to go to nursing school.. Yes it may not be good now.. but in a few years you think it will pick back up?? I am starting in August and I dont want to go to school and get out in 2 years and not be able to find a dang job if my life depended on it.. Haha
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    I'm a new RN with 6 years experience as a LPN working in Med/Surg and Telemetry. I'm having difficulty finding a position, too. I'm still working as a LPN because my facility has to have a RN opening before I can apply. Yes, it is weird. I work for the V.A. I also live on the MS Gulf Coast!!

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