Which schools to apply to- best chance of getting accepted

  1. I'm having trouble deciding which schools to apply to. I currently live in California, but I'll be moving to Minnesota in 2011. I completed my BA in Psychology (3.0gpa) in 2008. When I was first in college (several years ago) I took some pre-reqs, but didn't get very good grades:

    Chemistry C
    Medical Terminology A-
    Microbiology C
    Human Development B+
    Nursing Assistant B
    *I'm taking Anatomy this semester and Physiology next semester...and am trying really hard to get "A's!"

    I've been working for a non profit doing patient services for 4 years, so that experience might help a little.

    I know my grades aren't competitive, but I know I want to be a nurse! Any suggestions on schools where I might have a chance?

    Thanks for your help!! =)
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  3. by   esunada

    Welcome to MN! Are you looking at 2 year programs, accelerated, or go the transfer route to a 4 year BSN? I am applying in the fall. Unfortunately those Cs might make things a little harder for you, so you might consider retaking those classes and seeing which schools accept the higher grade - but ya never know.

    As far as accelerated programs go, there's one at the U of Mn, Metro State, St. Cloud, St, Kates and there was one at Mankato which they might bring back for next year. U of MN is really competitive but they do look at the "whole" picture a lot more than I think the other schools.

    Community Colleges seem to really value medical field experience (i.e. CNA) and people who take their prereqs at their school. Sometimes it also seems like a lottery. Normandale, Minneapolis Community Techinical College, Inver Grove Heights to name a few.

    There are a lot of schools in general that do the 4 year BSN but not the accelerated version if you want to try that route..

    There's also for profit commercial colleges like Globe University or something like that, that will rip you off but it might be easier to get in...just make sure they are accredited.

    University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh does an online accelerated program. You do your clinicals in your own state, sounds like a pretty neat setup.

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    I agree with esunada....I would look at retaking the chemistry and microbiology classes

    Those are the 2 that can be real showstoppers if the school does a prerequisite subset GPA for admissions.
  5. by   hopefulstudent83
    Esunada- I'd love to get into an accelerated program, but I'm open to all options. Thanks so much for the info. What schools are you applying to?

    HM2VikingRN- Thanks for the input. Are you in nursing school now or did you finish?

    I agree with both of you, I should probably retake Chem and Micro. I know the schools in CA are taking into account how many times you've retaken classes though. Have you heard of schools in MN doing that? Hopefully schools will be understanding that I took Chem in 2001 (when I was young and had no idea what i wanted to do w/my life). I know schools need to see ALL transcripts, but hopefully if they see that I retook classes almost 10 years later and got "A's," maybe that will still be acceptable. Who knows! It's such a nerve racking process!
  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    MN state mankato has a 1 retake rule.

    I graduated 2 years ago with my ABSN from MKTO.

    The ADN programs tend to have more slots available d/t sheer number of programs. Normandale was on my short list. Ridgewater in Hutchinson was also on my short list.

    Don't put your eggs in one basket. Apply to several schools as that is your best way to secure a slot.
  7. by   dinah77
    Have you considered St Kates 2 year ADN Program on the Minneapolis campus? It may be a good jumping off point and their admissions policy is more democratic IMHO then other schools...
    Basically on "application day" you get in line, hand in your app with all other necessary docs ( transcripts, etc) and if you get there early enough, you have a spot!

    Should add though, all science courses must be within 7 years old, and actually the fewer pre-reqs you have the better, because then you can be admitted immediatly as a "pre-professional student" and have a guaranteed spot.