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Which hospitals hire new graduate RNs?

  1. 0 I am currently a LPN working at a LTC facility in the south metro, and will be continuing on in a LPN-RN mobility program in the spring. I am just curious as to which hospitals would likely hire a new graduate RN with 1-2 years experience as an LPN in LTC? Also, which hosptials offer the best starting pay/tend to give more frequent pay increases to stay competitive within the market? Thank you for your time!
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    I work at Regions, so I'm biased...but I enjoy working there. Can't complain about the pay, since it is a JOB, and it took me almost a year to get one. I know Health East won't even look at you if you're not a BSN, no matter how many years of experience you had as an LPN (I know, I had almost 5 years experience as an LPN and the new grad program recruiter told me verbatim that LPN experience isn't REAL nursing experience"). You have to be accepted into a new grad program and you have to be a BSN in order to be considered for that particular program. I'm pretty certain Allina is the same- I know you have to be in the new grad program. Unfortunately, someone on high decided that LPN's are not worth jack squat, so I wouldn't count on that experience getting you far. Even with Regions I had to be quite uncomfortably aggressive in order to get hired.
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    Quote from PeepnBiscuitsRN

    I had to be quite uncomfortably aggressive in order to get hired.
    Just wondering what that might entail. . . in case I need to employ these tactics.

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