Wait List in Twin Cities Schools

  1. I have read a number of posts that alluded to wait lists last a year or more for nursing schools. Can anyone tell me specifically which schools in the Twin Cities have these lengthy wait lists? I am applying to the UMN, Normandale, Inver Hills, and Ridgewater but I have not read anything on their sites about wait lists running a year or more. Seems to me that there are three options; you get in, you temporarily get wait listed for the upcoming fall, or you get rejected. I haven't read anywhere about a school potentially responding with "not this year, but we'll take you in the fall of 2011." Am I missing something?
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    I really believe that if you want to get in bad enough you will. Applying to multiple schools is a smart strategy. Getting on the wait list is a golden opportunity. Make sure that you let the admissions committees of all your schools know that you can start on short notice. (And if you have been wait listed). (Students drop at the last minute all the time.) Accept wait list offers. At least 3 of my classmates in my accelerated program (besides me were students off the wait list.

    I would add MN State-Mankato, South Central College -Mankato to your list.
  4. by   MauriceRC
    Thanks for you input. I know MSU isn't accepting applications for their MN program this year due to budget cuts, but I have not looked into South Central College yet. Good idea.
  5. by   inpatientlywaiting
    I'm pretty sure the smaller schools don't I know for a fact for inver and century, if you don't get in you need to apply the following year. The only thing is if you are an alternet (didn't get in for fall) with a number 1-50, you get in for spring, and if you are 1-10 you have a chance to get in the fall. if you have a number 51-60, you have a chance to get in to spring (drop outs). I'm pretty sure the community colleges are all this way. Not sure about the Universities. Hope this helps!