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Have interview emails gone out for UMN? I applied in January, and the email said that those candidates granted interviews will find out in "early March." I haven't heard, so I'm thinking I didn't... Read More

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    Nope same here!! Looks like an another weekend of waiting...

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    At least I can stop checking my email every 5 minutes for a couple days.
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    Hello, has anyone gotten an email yet?
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    Not me.
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    I got an email and unfortunately I was not accepted into the Master of Nursing program. But luckily I also applied to the BSN program at the U of M, and I just got an email saying I was accepted!!! I was devastated when I got the rejection email but getting into the BSN program made my day!!! It's not the exact path to nursing that I had originally planned on, but it still leads to an RN!!! I can't wait
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    Congrats on getting into the BSN! Sorry about the MN, but The end result will be the same. You are going to be a NURSE! I did get in and Im so grateful. I know everyone else who got as far as the interview was qualified as well.
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    Congratulations midlifemom!!!! That's so great that you got in!
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    Hello,. I am new to this website. I was googling ways to get I to the U of M and stumbled across this post. I tried to get in to the entry level master's program and didn't even get an interview. A month later and I am sill sick about it. I have badgered admissions to give me clues as to what to do to get I. And am only getting very vague responses. I have volunteer and a bit of CNA work. I have good grades and a good resume. I still really want into the program but don't know where to go from here. I am hoping that maybe some of the people that got in have some suggestions... Anything you did that you think helped you get I . I am really at a loss now. I am willing to do what it takes but atthis point I don't even know what that is. Any suggestions or I put would be helpful.

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