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Have interview emails gone out for UMN? I applied in January, and the email said that those candidates granted interviews will find out in "early March." I haven't heard, so I'm thinking I didn't make it. Has anyone heard?... Read More

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    Quote from anna.banana
    Mine's done too! I don't know that it went that great... how do you feel about yours?
    I'm sure you did fine too. I think mine went okay...I felt like we went through the list of interview questions pretty fast, but I filled the rest of the time by chatting with her and asking questions about the program. I just hope I did enough to get in!

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    Looking realistically, I feel good about my answers, I just felt like she was bored. it was late in the day though so maybe i'm overreacting. Did your interviewer ask about your essays or anything? I had the definite impression she hadn't even looked at my stuff.
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    My interviewer basically stuck to the questions that were given to her. She didn't ask much about my application material.
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    Okay that makes me feel better. I'm used to applying for jobs, I guess, where you get a lot of feedback from the interviewer. I also haven't been interviewed by only one person for a while. Oh well, hopefully we hear soon! They said roughly one week from end of interviews, right? So probably week after next (or super optimistically, next Friday)?
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    Yeah, the email said late-March so hopefully next week sometime!!
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    How'd everyone else do?? Can you believe it's almost time to find out?!
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    Sometimes I think I did OK and sometimes I think I totally bombed. I can't stop obsessing over it! There are some things I wish I had said but was too nervous to think of at the time. I don't know. I'm overthinking it, going over it again and again and again in my mind.
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    Aww, midlifemom, I'm sure you did okay. That's basically how I feel though: Sometimes, I think it was horrible and I will NEVER get in, and sometimes I feel good about my answers and just feel like the whole experience was kind of weird. At least we'll be out of our misery soon!
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    Anybody heard anything?
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    Not yet, you? I'm going crazy!!

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