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Temporary License in MN

  1. 0 I mailed my application for Licensure by endorsement to Minnesota BON last week. I am getting antsy to receive my temporary license already. I have a job waiting for me since last month! Does anybody happen to know how long it takes to get that in the mail?

    If any of these infos help:

    - I am an LPN licensed in Connecticut.
    - I currently reside in Minnesota.
    - Took my LPN schooling in a foreign country.
    - Passed the NCLEX last April 2010.
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    Can you log on to see what the hold up is? I thought we were one of the 'quicker' states (within days)...
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    I know I was able to check my status after NCLEX within a day....
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    Excellent reply, mom2cka! I didnt even know there was a login and so I registered and was able to find out that I have been issued an actual Minnesota license and not a temp! Thank you very much!

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