St Kate's Post Bac Admissions

  1. Hey, anyone know how many people applied for St Kates post bac program this year vs how many will get in? Anyone heard back yet?

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  3. by   amyamy
    I have no idea how many applied, but when I went to the information session on Feb. 14, they said they had 95 applications in at that point, and 38 students will be accepted. There were a lot of people at the session who hadn't submitted their applications yet, so I assume they ended up with a lot more applicants than 95.

    I haven't heard anything from them yet.
  4. by   MET001
    Are you referring to the night/weekend program? I think usually they have a couple hundred applicants. I just called to check on timelines for decisions, and they said they aren't making final decisions until the 1st week of July, so notifications would be sent out after that. Ugh!
  5. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    I got in!!! WOOT! Do any of you know the practical difference between their "post-bac certificate program" and a regular BSN? I wonder how it would be looked out out of the MN area... Do you think you could continue on to a master's program with this degree?
  6. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Toots--3.5 ugrad and 4 in the prereqs I already have (5) Toots, looks like I can't yet send private messages. yeah, i don't think they will tell you over the phone regardless- but I think it is a good sign--last year, they started sending the 'no' letters early-- like early June. I just got the letter yesterday, so sit tight, and good luck!
  7. by   Toots71506
    Hi - thanks for the msg! I will sit tight but I'm very anxious and a wee bit stressed about it! Did you apply last year? Also, to answer your previous post, it's my understanding that a previous degree along with this certificate does qualify as an equivalent to a BSN so I would think you can get a masters after this. I think I asked the counselor about this.
  8. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    No, a friend of mine applied last year (and didn't make it). That's good news that the degrees are equivalent. But yeah, the wait is terrible! Ugh!
  9. by   amyamy
    Has anyone else heard back from St. Kate's yet?
  10. by   Future Nurse2Be
    Still anxiously checking the mailbox!!
  11. by   amyamy
    I just found out a friend of mine got a denial letter today - post marked 6/30.
  12. by   jnsk99
    I just got a denial for 2009/we'll hold a spot for you for Fall 2010.

    I am pretty upset right now. I guess I can't look at the bright side that I did get in for Fall 2010 right now. I just want to start nursing school so badly, and it'll be difficult to postpone for another year.

    Best of luck though for those still waiting to hear!
  13. by   rainydaydream
    Hey, that just means you got in for 2010!

    There's nothing wrong with deferring an extra year with this economy. If you have a job, save up your cash for your school and work hard this year so you won't have to work so much overtime after graduation to pay off the bills.

    Good luck!
  14. by   Future Nurse2Be
    Got a regretful letter yesterday from St Kate's for 2009 and I will not be placed on an alternate list. Not sure when it was post-marked but the letter was dated June 27th.

    I am pretty disappointed and not sure where I went wrong. 3.7 undergrad, 4.0 in all pre-requisite work to date (only would have needed to take 3 more classes before starting nursing classes).

    Good luck to those of you who are still waiting to hear!