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Since there seems to be a few of us going to work at SCH, I thought we could start our own thread. I will be on neuro and start in July. ~Dawn... Read More

  1. by   Mom2fiveinmn

    I called today and I guess that they are working on people that are currently employed by Centracare first (I am not) so I will have to wait until at least April.

    I noticed you are listed as ortho/neuro--I did my preceptorship up there--I will be starting a rotation up there in another week, and my husband (a nursing student at NHCC just started up there for his clinicals) I might already know you!

    Anyway, thanks for your response!

    Quote from SanskeetRN
    Congrats on almost being done! Can't believe it's been a almost a whole year since I was in your position!

    I believe they called me in Jan/Feb to set up the interview and they interview itself was in April (on my birthday none the less). Got the call the next day offering me a position.

    It doesn't hurt to call them and ask what the status of interviews is
  2. by   sam1998
    Hi everyone,
    This is my first time posting here . I actually just had an interview for med-surg RN at St. Cloud this morning, and I think it went pretty well. Some of the questions were a little tough for me to answer, but overall it was good. The interviewer said I would hear if I got it or not within 2 weeks... I see someone heard the next day that they got the job, was it soon after for others as well? I don't know if I can wait 2 weeks to hear!
  3. by   SanskeetRN
    Congratulations on your interview! yea, the questions were tough last year too! Who did you interview with?

    I think most people heard within a week or week and a half. I was the one who heard the next day but don't know of anyone else who heard that fast. Let us know what you find out
  4. by   sam1998
    I interviewed with Pam R. She was very nice. I'm really hoping to get an offer because I haven't gotten any calls yet from any other places where I've applied. I will post when I hear back! Hopefully it's good news.
  5. by   NuHAH
    Anyone currently working at the St. Cloud Hospital? I am looking at applying there, just wondering a little bit about the hiring process! Do you like working there?
  6. by   mom2cka
    I enjoy working there - I started as a new grad, so am not sure what the process is outside of that. Not much hiring going on at the moment, though, but I think they're planning on hiring some new grads this year. Apply online, all info is there, and get your packet in early if that's what you're looking at (I think the deadline has passed for summer hires). I thought the new grad orientation program was very good, helpful and supportive of new grads, and the units I've been to have been good places to work. Good luck!
  7. by   SanskeetRN
    I also work at the SCH and love it for the most part, can't believe it will be 2 years since I got hired in about 2 weeks..time goes very fast.

    As far as hiring, mom2CK covered things very well so nothing really new to add to that. I too thought the new grad orientation was very well put together.

    Good luck with your job hunting and let me know if I can be of any help!
  8. by   spunky1281
    I just took my nclex-pn a month ago (graduated in dec) and am having trouble finding a job. I know the SCH is on a hiring freeze. Anyone know how to get hired into the SCH? I've tried everything to get in there. Any tricks? Advice? Help!! I really want to work there.
  9. by   mom2cka
    Best advice I have is to wait and keep trying - watch for open positions, apply for those that you would consider working, and get your foot in the door. Not sure when positions will open again, but I know our own employees who are graduating from school are in the same boat as you. Be patient and good luck!
  10. by   spunky1281
    I've been really trying and have had only 1 interview lately. I really would like to get into the clinic or hospital but never hear anything after interviews? Anyone have any connections to get me in. I'm already over my "allowed number of applications" which is rediculous and want a change of job. I'm not sure if I like pain management.
  11. by   HM2VikingRN
    I would widen your search.....Have you considered applying in Willmar, or the SCVA?