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I know about MetroState, Bethel, and St. Kates, but are there any other RN-BSN programs in the MN Twin Cities area that I'm missing? Anyone have any opinions on any of these. I'm thinking about going with Bethel once I get... Read More

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    As it so happens I'm starting at Bethel in Feb. Tuition is $415 per credit. The whole program is 37 credits, and I have to take a math course, but it looks like I can take it at any time and there's some choices in what course you take math-wise. You don't pay up front for 37 credits because each session is split up. My first session goes from Feb through April or May and is 7 credits (so the cost is $2905, and then I have financial aid) . They've waived the 1 year experience deal because of the whole bsn preference thing. I'm excited to start the program, I'm hoping this will help my odds of getting a job- just getting back into the job search now after having a baby 2 weeks ago. The one thing I will say that doesn't thrill me is that financial aid is extremely limited. You're limited to MN state grants (which you're not eligible for if you've completed 4 years of schooling) and Pell Grants, and then there's loans. So no institutional aid is available, unless you find scholarships and grants out there independent of the school.

    But still, it looks like a good deal. I hope it is.

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    With the economy the way it is, is it possible to get into a RN-BSN program without RN work experience? I just graduated in December and the market doesn't look too hot for an ADN.
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    I'm starting at Bethel, and they've waived that requirement for a small number of students. I think there's another place or two that doesn't have that requirement. I thought St. Mary's online was one (there's one that a few of the people I graduated with started at) and I'm not sure if Metro State has that...I don't remember them saying there was- they were at our school a week or two before pinning for an informational session. Which should have clued me in to the shape of things out there.
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    Good to know, thank you for the info. Time to start planning then.
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    Quote from casi
    I'm still looking for a RN-BSN program. Made the decision to jump in this fall.
    Anyone know what the tuition costs are for Bethel?
    I was also thinking going to Bethel and their tuition is $450/credit and it is 39 credit that runs 18-20 months. There is also some other small fees but I only focused on the credits. I hope that helps.

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