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I know about MetroState, Bethel, and St. Kates, but are there any other RN-BSN programs in the MN Twin Cities area that I'm missing? Anyone have any opinions on any of these. I'm thinking about... Read More

  1. by   nstephm
    HI. I know this is an old post but hoping I can get some feedback. I'm looking into RN-BSN programs. Currently going between Metro State and St. Scholastica. Any one have an opinion on either? One better than the other? I am not looking for a slower pace program as I work full time and have 2 small children. Thanks!
  2. by   Ella26
    I just finished RN-BSN at Metro in December 17'. I felt it was a good program, very manageable for the working adult. I worked 45+ hours/week and graduated with honors. But, I don't have kids, so it was easier. But, I still think it's doable.
    Very minimal clinical hours ~60 in the 4th semester for Community Health class. Heavy writing and researching throughout the program. Classes are held on your "cohort" night from ~6-10pm (we never were there until 10). Cohorts are at different campuses on different nights/days of the week. Whatever day you pick, wether it's Monday or Wednesday, it stays the same throughout the program, with the exception of the clinical portion.
    The clinicals are out in community health settings, not med-surg at the hospital.
    I had about 6 prerequisite classes before being admitted to the program. I started in Summer 15' and finished Dec 17'.
    Hope that helps.