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Did people usually apply to several nursing programs or one school? Do other schools care if you apply to several? I am taking pre-nursing classes as MCTC, but since it may be hard to get in the... Read More

  1. by   jmkeller81
    Here's the skinny on Century College: very tough to get into. It's based on a pie chart, which you aren't suppose to see. 1 point for A&P, 1 point for Micro, 1 point for CNA (480 hours - 479 and it DOES NOT count), etc. etc. CNA experience weighs more than anything. Period. A counselor once told me a candidate fresh out of high school with his pre-reqs (only) got in, while another who had a few hours of CNA experience and EVERY class complete did not get in. Points also awarded based on grade, of course. Here's something most do not know: out of the 500 applicants in 2007, 200 were turned down SIMPLY because they didn't have all the information turned in. Crazy, huh? Also - speak to at least 3 counselors before applying to make sure you have everything in line. I guarantee you every one will tell you something different. It's screwed up - write down everything they say. Any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  2. by   proRN
    Century sounds about the same as most programs out there. It is extremely competetive. Whether they tell you or not, they all have criteria for deciding who gets in like grades and CNA. There are so many applicants they do not have to bother with the incomplete applications so if you do not turn in everything your application is not considered. This goes for most of the schools in MN. As far as counselors, be careful to talk to someone who knows nursing, or someone in the nursing department. There are so many special things to know about nursing, and a large turn over in academic counselors that it can be tough to get accurate information. Sometimes you can call the nursing program director directly and get your questions answered. Also, look for colleges that offer information sessions for their program, they will have nursing people there that can answer questions.
    Best of luck in your application, and turn in several to different schools. Be very complete in putting together your information packet, and keep asking questions until you get the answers!
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  3. by   scanda123
    I am a student at Century, so I applied to Century, NHCC, MCTC and Saint Paul College. You can apply to as many programs as you like. My school encourages you to apply to others considering their program is so competitive. Is this your first time applying?
  4. by   thiscatscheesy
    Just wondering. Did you get into Century's? Or U of MN? What were you're academic statistics like GPA, experience, things like that? =)
  5. by   RN2BKS
    Did anyone apply to Saint Catherine University or U of M?