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  1. Hey all!

    So - after many years of taking a break from school because I couldn't decide what to do, I am back at it (about 2 years in) and need to figure out what to do! I really want my BSN for Nursing but I am finding out how difficult it is to get in. I applied at Normandale CC for their 2 year RN and was declined for Spring 2012, so I just applied again for Fall 2012, not keeping my hopes up though.

    I have all generals and pre-reqs done for Normandale, and am now working on UMN pre-reqs (pretty much just Biology) and Inver Hills pre-reqs this year. I feel stumped! I have an OK GPA of 3.51 that I am trying to get up, and I have so much experience as a PCA/CNA (I have been doing that type of work in a group home for over 10 years on and off).

    Do I apply to the UMN? Is it even worth it with that low of a GPA or would they look at my 1000+ hours of work experience too? I have heard of people with 4.0's not getting in I just so badly want to get into the healthcare field. I might even apply to the UMN, get accepted, and then declare a major and go to Augsburg for their PA program.

    Any suggestions, opinions, helpful tips would be SO wonderful! I just feel like I am running in place at this point, and this semester I'm taking classes that really don't apply much, well sort of, trying to make it work!

    Thank you all !!!

    <3 Sarah
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  3. by   RN2BKS
    I think you should apply everywhere you can. I don't see why you wouldn't get accepted. Your GPA is not bad and you have experience. Did you apply to the U? Any other CC? What about any other Universities? Keep your head up high, I think you have a great chance!
  4. by   futurerninspire
    I agree that applying to several schools is probably the way to go but I would talk to folks at the schools first before you blow hundreds in application fees. I'm in a bit of a pickle myself trying to prepare for NCLEX after graduating 10 years ago and I may need to go back to school to brush up on nursing content. I'm just calling every admissions office I can to find out about furthering my education without a license. Even though my concern differs from yours I want to get into a BSN or MSN program as quickly as I can and without a license I'm hitting a wall. Nonetheless - call every admissions office you can find online and/ or read about them. You'll see that some require a 3.0 to get in and don't have waiting lists. I chose St. Kates for that reason years ago. They may have a reputation for higher tuition but if you can graduate more quickly and start making a higher salary then it's worth the extra cost. Also, private schools often have better financial support for students than public schools do. My nephew is paying $2K a year at St Thomas. Another thing to think about is chipping away at your degree onine. Tuition is lower, progress is faster and there's often no waiting. A few references I've seen note Kaplan, Drexel, Rush, MGH and Loyola as reputable online programs. I also hear that Rasmussen, Globe and NAU dont have waiting. Good luck advancing in the health care field!
  5. by   RN2BKS
    Futurerninspire- Did you go to St. Kates but never took the NCLEX? Did you call them already to find out what you can do? I applied to St. Catherine University, I hope I am able to get in for Fall 2012. Good luck with your situation as well!
  6. by   futurerninspire
    Which program at St Kates did you choose? I'm glad you can get in fairly soon.

    The program was in a bit of trouble while I was there because their graduates were having trouble passing the NCLEX exam. As a result, their accreditation was on the line. They seemed to be doing everything they could to recover and I really haven't heard how they're doing now. The only advice I would give you is to remember that you cannot count on your nursing program to fully prepare you for licensure. You have to take the responsibility into your own hands early on and use supplementary tools to add to your education along the way. Do check into heir recent pass rate on the NCLEX - that should be available on the Board of Nursing site or maybe the college will just tell you. That is, find out what percentage of their graduates are now actually passing the exam.

    Since I never did take the licensure exam I did call them as an alumn to see what they may have in terms of resources. I spoke with people in the the alumni office, the RN-BSN program, the weekend college, the Dean's office and I really can't get any help. I may be able to audit some classes as an alumn just for the sake of reviewing content, but I havent heard back yet. I'm a little surprised that they don't have more to offer to help me pass. After all, the more graduates that take and pass NCLEX the better the school will look to others.

    All the best to you at St Kates!
  7. by   RN2BKS
    I'm sorry you cannot get any help. :/ I'm surprised they do not have anything as well, you think that they would since you graduated from there. I applied to the ADN and BSN, but when I talked with them last week they told me that it is hard to get into the BSN if I am a transfer student and that my best bet would be the ADN and that I have to be a pre-nursing student first? I'm confused. I don't know if I like that! I've been a pre-nursing student for 3 years now! lol, I also applied to the U of MN but it sounds like it is really hard to get in. Well, I guess we will see what happens.