Pathophysiology class in MN

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    Hi all,
    I am a BSN RN student at Marquette University in Milwaukee and need to take a pathophysiology class this summer in MN in order to progress in my program. My school doesn't offer pathphys this summer and I am having trouble finding it. Does anyone know of anywhere offering the class? I would really appreciate it!
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    Hi. I live in MN and took Pathophysiology from the University of Iowa via their Guided Independent Study, online. My nursing school here in MN accepted it as a prerequisite. It was kind of expensive (around $600), but you can work at your own pace as there are no set start/end dates. Essay questions for all the assignments, plus a proctored mid-term and final that make up the bulk of the grade. No stupid daily postings, busy work, etc. I learned a lot.

    Hope this helps!
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    Lake Superior College has a good one - - hope that helps (online and on campus, I believe)