Northland Community& Technical College at East Grand Forks,MN.

  1. 0 Hey guys. I do not live in MN but I am hoping to start a program at a school in MN very soon,Hopefully by the winter semester. I am wanting to meet other students enrolled at Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand Forks,MN. Any info at all that I can get on this school would be nice too. I have fully checked them out and I do know that they are accretited and all that. But I want to know what the instructors are like and all that...That is why I am hoping to meet some one that is or has gone to this school. I will read the message board often and I will take IM's here or on yahoo.
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    hi there, I am a current student (distance) at northland and so far it has gone very well as far as classes go I won't be starting clinicals till spring quarter though so then I will know more. The bad thing about northland is that the nurse advisor is very hard to contact it seems after your first semester the only way I and others I have known to go through this program are able to get an answer from her is when we complain to someone else over her head.
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    Just Graduated from the RN program at there sister college. in Thief River Falls. (passed the NCLEX June 12th... very good program,)

    good luck!!!

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