Normandale Community College Nursing Program (NLN score)

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am very (utterly) nervous while awaiting admission from Normandale Community College. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with with acceptance system? I am not a very strong candidate. GPA of only 3.4, NLN score is 119, I got B's in both Anatomy and Foundation of Organic Chem (1050). I did however managed an A for English Composition.

    I have also finished ALL the other pre-requisite classes (interpersonal communication, sociology, physiology, general psychology...etc). So if I do get admitted into their nursing program, I will only have to take all the core nursing classes and no electives.

    I do understand that they look closely at your NLN score and frankly, I just feel that my score won't deliver.

    I am curious as to what scores (gpa, nln, grades for courses...etc) other nursing students have prior to being accepted into this program.

    I am just so scared of all the waiting and it's slowly killing me.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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  3. by   MauriceRC
    I am still waiting to hear from them, too. I got a 134 on my NLN and my gpa is 3.7 BUT I haven't taken any classes at Normandale and I heard they give priority to current/previous students. I read that you need 100+ to be eligible so I wouldn't worry too much about your score. Que sera sera.
  4. by   christy k.
    Does anyone know if Normandale college has ever passed any one in cna/na course with a disability?