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New grad RN jobs in Minneapolis area

  1. 0 I will be graduating from a Technical College as a RN in May in Wisconsin. I plan on relocating to the cities ASAP. I'm wondering what hospitals will hire an ADN RN, who is going back for their BSN, as a new grad with only LPN experience. I'm also wondering about Minneapolis RN wages. Anyone working in the Minneapolis metro area and can give me a rough range of what a medsurg RN starts at? THANKS!
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    Hello and welcome, I dont have much advice...but you can try Fairview Health services- I think they hire ADN-RN if going back for BSN. I think HealthEast only wants BSNs. Most of the hospitals are BSN preferred but you can try them. HCMC, Regions, Regina, Lakeview. I do not know the wages as I am a new RN myself I was an LPN, but I work at a clinic in the twin cities area.
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    I work at Regions, I like it there. They're not picky. Health East will only hire BSN's now, I think Allina is in that boat, as well as Fairview. I'm not sure.
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    HCMC will typically hire new ADN RN's, but it does help to have someone internally who is able to forward your resume onto the hiring managers. I know Healtheast is very particular about wanting their staff to have a BSN, but the others I'm not quite certain. Good luck in your search.

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