MSP Critical Care Units

  1. Shortly, I will be interviewing for ICU positions at Abbott Northwestern, United, and North Memorial. These positions are straight nights and would be for the units that do NOT work on fresh hearts. I have not yet seen any of the units or met personally with managers/staff. I was hoping to get some opinions of the working environment, coworkers, and general satisfaction of RN's who have worked at any of these facilities. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

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  3. by   KeepItRealRN
    Well I can't speak of those places in current terms. But I worked at Abbott Northwestern a long time ago. I have since worked in at least a dozen hospitals and ANW is still up near the top. I worked at North as an agency nurse and it was OK too. I guess if I was deciding between the two I would consider the commute. If you are in the north burbs then North might be more convenient. Even though ANW is a bit better I don't think that it would be worth a long commute. The other thing to remember about Abbott is that it is smack dab in the middle of the worst part of South Minneapolis.
  4. by   HDFXDWGRN
    I worked agency at ANW and United in 2007 and 2008. Personally, the nurses at ANW were more friendly and helpful, not that United was bad. The Docs at United were easier to work with. Sorry if I'm offending anyone, just my opinion. Getting to and parking at United was much better. Any of the three places should be great experience for you!