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  1. Is anyone going to school here or has gone here? Is there a waiting list? I was told no, but I want to make sure, and I haven't been able to get any response to messages I've left saying that I have a few questions about some of the pre-reqs. I've applied already and been accepted to the college, and I'm under the impression that I will be starting the nursing program in spring '10. But everytime I call, I get sent to a different person's voicemail and have been trying since the middle of last week to get someone to return my call. I hope this isn't any indication of the quality of the school if you can't even get a call returned!

    Also, can anyone tell me if the one-credit CPR/First Aid class must be taken in addition to the AHA First Aid and CPR? That seems awfully redundant to have to take all three courses. I just took the AHA First Aid last week, and have the AHA CPR scheduled for a few weeks from now. I'm trying to figure out my summer schedule and am not sure if I really need to include that 1-credit cpr/first aid class too.

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  3. by   amyrose0123
    There may be a waiting list now, however it is much shorter than anywhere else in the area. I am happy with the program I am just finishing up the LPN (2 clinicals left!!! and my two week internship) overall I would reccommend the program, it's a little disorganized but from what I hear they all are you are entering a field that is in a constant state of progress and change. Start getting those Gen eds done asap, I had to wait a year but as I said it's shorter than anywhere else in the area, and if you LOVE it it's worth the wait : ) good luck!
  4. by   amyrose0123
    Let me know if I didn't answer your questions and don't take the "credit" CPR any BLS CPR will do your local fire dept or EMT's may give it for half the price and time same class! but it has to be the one for health care professionals and NOT red cross!
  5. by   Busia
    Thanks for your response! I actually just finished up the CPR class yesterday through Western in La Crosse, it was WAY cheaper for the same class than it was in Winona. I start my CNA class on Monday, and I just have a computer class to do the last few weeks of July and I will have everything on the checklist done and can apply! I've talked to a few people that got in on their first try, one is starting this fall and she first applied in the spring, so that's hopeful! I'm doing Develp. Psych and Basic Math online right now too (I could have went directly into Intro to Algebra, but I struggle with math and figured it would help me a lot to take the class before). Then for fall I have A&P I, Intro to Algebra and Adaptation to PN Role.

    Congrats on finishing up the LPN program! Are you going on for RN?