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Hi Everyone, I have my interview for the MN program at the U of M later this week. I was looking for some advice on preparing for it from anyone who may have been accepted into the program in the past. Also, any advice from... Read More

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    I'm taking it there online. We don't get our grades back until end of next week because people taking it at other locations have to mail theirs in still. . . .irritating.

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    They offer it online?! I didn't know that. Do you just listen to the lectures online and follow along on the power points?
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    Yeah it's a pretty cool format actually. I think I did really well on the exam, but you know how those feelings can go. We pretty much watch lectures w/ voice and powerpoint. It's very efficient.
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    I'm taking it online at Iowa.
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    Yeah I'm taking it at the U now too. I studied like mad for that test and got a 37, arrg! Who cares about K activated coagulation factors! Seriously! Anyhow, have any of you heard more about the interviews? I got that email saying they were pushing the dates back-- right to when I had scheduled a trip to S. America. EEEK! I hope it works out!
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    The good thing though is we'll either get accepted or rejected before spring semester grades factor in-- so that kinda takes the pressure off! I imagine they'll tell us we have to keep a B or C average or something in remaining prereqs to qualify (I heard something similar about the MPH program prereqs) but nice to not be straining to look good on the app!
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    Yeah same here 37/40. . .after the exam I really thought I had 100% so that's irritating—I still don't know what I got wrong.

    The only problem with chilling out on the grades this semester is that if I DON'T GET IN I'll be applying somewhere else. And nursing is getting more and more competitive every year. I'm gonna try and keep the pressure on. . .though a B is very tempting sometimes. I've only got one B in my pre-reqs so far and that was in lifespan development through BSU online. That was terrible. Basically memorize the entire book and take exams. I can't memorize an entire book. And everything and anything was fair game for the exam—obscure statistics. And the questions were phrased like "how old is the average female in the USA at her first menstruation 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13? WOW those are my choices? I thought it would be like 9, 11, or 13. Then I would have gotten it right. It really bugged me because I got like 88% in the class. The B range was from 77—89%. So somone who got 77% got the same grade as I did at 88%. Tells me there's something wrong with the prof. Also, there was no way to see the exams after.
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    wow that sounds AWFUL! In comparison, I guess I've lucked out so far with my classes! Good luck with the rest of patho. Are you planning on taking any summer classes? I'll be in Stats if I get accepted. I already took it but it was lower-division or something so it won't count. Bummer-- it def isn't something I'm terribly interested in!
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    That must be so frustrating about your lifespan psych class! For that reason, I am so glad they look at more than just gpa in determining admissions. My lifespan class was a total walk in the park and I finished with 110% and it sounds like you worked waaay harder (and probably learned waaay more) than I did.

    This summer I may take med dosages just to help prepare me, but I don't know. Maybe I'll just spend my time basking in the glorious sun instead. Come on, summer!
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    By contrast I'm taking stats through BSU online using D2L and it's really good. The prof is really responsive and reasonable So I think it was just that PSY Prof. that was a dud.
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