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Hi Everyone, I have my interview for the MN program at the U of M later this week. I was looking for some advice on preparing for it from anyone who may have been accepted into the program in the... Read More

  1. by   reh-student
    Yeah, interviews are definitely in Feb. I wouldn't get nervous about that until at least mid to late Feb. Pshh, but I'm sure I'll be a hypocrite. )
  2. by   reh-student
    Looks like we won't be finding anything out for another 2 weeks or so. And this time there's about 281 applicants instead of 251. I'm sure you all got the same email though. Good luck!
  3. by   mld1980
    Well, MN is #2 on my list. If I get into my top choice, there is one less person you have to worry about
  4. by   MauriceRC
    Ohh, I like to confidence, mld! If you don't mind me asking, where is your #1? I'm sure pulling for you to get in!
  5. by   reh-student
    Interesting, I too would like to know your #1.
  6. by   mld1980
    I'm hoping to get into Duke. I find out next week!
  7. by   MauriceRC
    Are any of you guys taking pathology at the U right now? How was your test? I got 35/40 :/ not horrible but not great. I keep hope they post the grade distribution...
  8. by   reh-student
    I'm taking it there online. We don't get our grades back until end of next week because people taking it at other locations have to mail theirs in still. . . .irritating.
  9. by   MauriceRC
    They offer it online?! I didn't know that. Do you just listen to the lectures online and follow along on the power points?
  10. by   reh-student
    Yeah it's a pretty cool format actually. I think I did really well on the exam, but you know how those feelings can go. We pretty much watch lectures w/ voice and powerpoint. It's very efficient.
  11. by   mld1980
    I'm taking it online at Iowa.
  12. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Yeah I'm taking it at the U now too. I studied like mad for that test and got a 37, arrg! Who cares about K activated coagulation factors! Seriously! Anyhow, have any of you heard more about the interviews? I got that email saying they were pushing the dates back-- right to when I had scheduled a trip to S. America. EEEK! I hope it works out!
  13. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    The good thing though is we'll either get accepted or rejected before spring semester grades factor in-- so that kinda takes the pressure off! I imagine they'll tell us we have to keep a B or C average or something in remaining prereqs to qualify (I heard something similar about the MPH program prereqs) but nice to not be straining to look good on the app!

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