MN nurses- where else have you lived?

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    Why is the MN forum so slow? Surely there are other MN nurses out there?

    So- those who moved here from other states..what do you think of it here?

    I moved here from GA- with plans to move back down south when I finished school. (husband's family is from we had help) BUT- after finding out pay/cost of living/pt ratios here compared to other areas of the country we just couldn't justify moving. I think we have it really good! To go back to where I lived in GA...I would take a $5 an hour paycut...and double our mortgage for a similar size house.

    So- where else have you lived and how do you think it compares? Or...if you used to live in MN how does nursing compare where you are now?

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    I Saw on a web site lately that MN is #2 as to Cost of living vs pay... in other words. MN cost of living here is low and the rate of pay is very good.
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    DH and I live in Wisconsin. We are however trying to sell our house so we can move to the Cities. I grew up in Northern MN so I am excited to be heading back.

    Hope we can get there before the snow flies again.


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