Mayo Summer III 2013 - page 9

Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other... Read More

  1. by   MissRN2013
    Wow! That's amazing! Please dont put yourself down and ask why you got in just to make others feel better! Lol you got in and you deserve it!! Great job! I would like to know about your experience!
  2. by   MissRN2013
    Studentpuut.....did you have a mayo employee reference?
  3. by   studentpuut56
    I did! I actually did my clinical experience at the Mayo Clinic so my clinical instructor worked there. But thank you! You're too sweet!
  4. by   MissRN2013
    Oh nice! Im sure that played a part too!! That's great because they already know you! Good job!
  5. by   UMnurse310
    I also just received my "No" e-mail as well. Congrats to those who were accepted and good luck to everyone else with summer plans and your futures as a nurse Good luck in the final few semester of nursing school!
  6. by   labornursemeghan
    I got the email...and I got in!!!! I have absolutely no idea how, but I am so incredibly grateful! I wish all of us had gotten in, but I hope those of you who did not have great experiences at other hospitals too!
  7. by   carameansfacee
    Hi all!
    I just received my acceptance into the Mayo Clinic Nursing III Externship program for the Summer of '13! I was wondering, could any of the past externs give me a little heads up as to what to expect? What to bring? What to prep for before the externship begins?

    Also... anyone else who got in, I'd love to hear from you!
  8. by   Jani28
    I got in too!! Was completely dumbfounded. The nursing school that I attend has dual enrollment with another university where I took my gen eds. My GPA for nursing school was only a 3.44 and for the university a 3.735. They did not weigh as heavily on GPA as I thought they would. I do have quite a bit of volunteer service and have worked as a home health aide and cna. I had a reference from our nursing program director and one of my clinical instructors. I put a lot of time into my essays, and wrote an extensive cover letter. I'm sorry for those that did not get in, I wish that we could have all made it. I hope that you all have a great summer!!
  9. by   lee1234
    I got in! I wonder how soon we will find out where we are placed. I was picky when selecting my interest for the different units. Where is everyone hoping for?
  10. by   labornursemeghan

    I don't remember which document it was in, but I believe we will get our placements in early April. I put down L&D as my top choice and also ranked NICU pretty highly! I will honestly take anything though--it's Mayo! Congratulations on getting in--can't wait to meet everyone in June!
  11. by   stb10
    I got placed on the alternate list. I wonder what the odds of me still getting an offer? Was anybody else placed on the alternate list?
  12. by   studentpuut56
    Congrats to everyone who got in! Do you guys know if we're supposed to be getting a packet in the mail? They said to put the confirmation letter in a certain envelope...but of course there's no envelope with the email...I know they did for prior years but I don't know if everything is the same this year.
  13. by   labornursemeghan
    Hey everyone! Should we create a group Facebook page so we can discuss everything and prepare for this summer?