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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other internship/externship apps. I hopeful I get... Read More

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    When I saw there was 7 pages of comments I got excited, thinking maybe people had heard something, since there were just 5 pages earlier today! But no, just you all having a nice conversation

    I'm so anxious to find out - I keep checking this page to see what people are up to! I, of course want to get in, but want to figure out my other summer plans if I don't get accepted!

    I thought it was interesting that someone found out right away that they weren't accepted...Does anyone know anything about this? I figured we all found out at once if we were accepted or not. But maybe they decline people as they are reviewing apps?
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    I think they started with the applications at the end because it sounds like the one that got an email the next day had submitted his/her application on the very last day, so I'm thinking they are working backwards.
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    I got so excited too when I saw all of the new comments!! lol Someone said we would find out by January 28th? I hope you guys have nice weather down in Arizona because it is mighty cold here in Wisconsin tonight!!
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    Super windy where I'm at. I'd love to say I'd take any position they offer but if I get surgery, I just cannot do it. This is the girl who had to be knocked out getting her braces off because all the grinding and polishing noises made her have a panic attack and who can't watch or listen to bone saws even on TV. I was able to observe a autopsy but I think that's because it wasn't live tissue.

    I wonder if the quick response to whoever got an email already was due to an incomplete application? I would think that because they apparently do things based on a points system they'd have to review everyone's app first before notifying anyone of any decisions.
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    I was thinking the same thing because one of my friends applied on the very last day too, but she still hasn't heard back from them yet
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    Does anyone know if we find out by email no matter what or only an email if we aren't accepted? I read some of last years posts and they got an email if they were rejected and a package in the mail if they were accepted.. Just curious!
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    I know we for sure get an e-mail if we are rejected but I'm not positive about getting an e-mail if we are accepted. I would assume so?? Like an e-mail saying we are accepted and then the packet comes?? I do know that some people's job status or whatnot changed on-line last year. From "Application in review" to "Interview" or something. There is no interview process, but that just meant that they had been accepted. I know some people ended up calling LaTasha to ask about it and she told them whether or not they were in! But yes, you do obviously get a package if you are accepted!
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    That sounds right, thanks!
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    @MissRN2013 I called them today, they are eliminating all the ppl who do not meet the basic requirements, and the reviewing process starts on the 28th of Jan.
    Two reasons I was rejected: 1) International student, they don't sponsor work permit; 2) I'm a LPN, I can't practice with my licence, has to be a student without a licence, and pratice under their preceptor's licence.
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    @cathning I'm sorry to hear that Keep your head up!! Thank you for the information about starting the reviewing process on the 28th.